Martin, Kenteze Ravon

Martin, Kenteze Ravon (B /M/25) Arrest on chrg of 1) Resisting Arrest/hinder & Delay (M), 2) Mv Theft-automobile (F), 3) Damage To Personal Property (M), 4) Interfere Electronic Monitor Device (F), and 5) Speeding To Elude Arrest Felony (F), [Missing Address], on 4/9/2023 17:30.

Arck, Joseph William

Arck, Joseph William (W /M/42) Arrest on chrg of 1) Assault Inflicting Serious Injury Or With Deadly Weapon (M), 2) Fail To Appear (M), 3) Fail To Appear (M), 4) Fail To Appear (M), and 5) Habitual Felon (F), [Missing Address], on 3/20/2023 16:19.